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Define Your Possible. Change Your World.
Meet Cardano4Climate-Host of the workshop:

Impact as an Opportunity for Cardano at Summit in Switzerland 2022.


The videos were filmed during the workshop held at Cardano Summit, Lausanne 2022.

The workshop introduced 12 unique projects building on Cardano.

First, let's start with the introduction.

Excerpts from 12 Impact Projects building on Cardano.

More Information & links are in the descriptions.



Cardano Summit 2022 - C4C introduction

C4C Summit OpenLitterMap

C4C Summit DirectEd Development Foundation

C4C Summit OneUpOneDown

C4C Summit Landano

C4C Summit Gimbalabs

C4C Summit wada

C4C Summit littlefish Foundation

C4C Summit Climate Neutral Cardano

C4C Summit ImpactScope

C4C Summit Sustainable ADA

C4C Summit Satellite Oracle

C4C Summit Edify

C4C Summit impact-outro

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