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Short, precisely articulated educational videos work as a gateway to Cardano.

The real strength of Cardano is in technology.

This series wants to educate people about it, show them the vision and the real potential of Cardano in a truthful and non-speculative way.

We focus on the real world use cases.

On people who have already connected Cardano to their lives.

So, where to start watching?
During the Cardano Summit 2022 we filmed with Glen Jordan from Empowa.
Affordable climate-smart housing in Africa, that’s Empowa.

Listen how his team is using the technology.



How to track wine from Georgia effectively?
Find out in the interview below with

Baia Abuladze from Baia's wines and Andrew Thornhill from Scantrust


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Can Cardano be used for collecting data about the plastic pollution?

Let's find out in this video.

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One Up One Down is about building trusted relationships through mentorship.

This video covers the fundamentals of their work.

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